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The Dependable Logistical Support for Your Warehousing Needs

With more than 15 years of experience in providing logistics services, King Lumpers in Newark, New Jersey, makes warehousing safer and easier. We are proud of having an excellent safety record in all of our services, be it unloading or warehouse staffing.

Delivering Containers to Warehouses

Need to pick up containers from the docks? Turn to our company to do it for you. Part of our logistics services covers carrying large containers to and from your warehouse. We take the burden of pickup and delivery off your hands as well. We also help store your products for you. In addition, our company is also able to ship out your products as needed.

Loading and Unloading Your Shipments

After delivering your container, our company also extends our services to loading and unloading your goods. We have a team of reliable lumpers who work for at least two hours per container.  Our crew will palletize the floor loads and make it easier for you to store your goods. Moreover, they also wrap the products for you as well as stage and tag them for storage. This service is great for frozen food that needs fast handling from unloading to storage.


The Warehouse Staffing You Need

Aside from pickup, delivery, and lumper services, our company provides trustworthy warehouse personnel for your staffing needs. We can do anything you need including shipping, receiving, and repacking. With both customer and employee safety in mind, we supply the necessary staff for your warehouse including:

Forklift Drivers | Pickers | Packers | Loaders | Unloaders